What to Expect

You can expect to find a welcoming, warm and friendly church who loves the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can expect the Bible to be taught and preached as the only source of reliable truth; as it is the Word of God.

You can expect singing of the great hymns of our faith that are doctrinally accurate and teach us about the Lord.

You can expect special, uplifting music from our choir, ensembles, groups, instrumentalists and individuals that honor Jesus Christ.  The music ministry of Wentworth Baptist Church prepares the heart for worship and the ministry of the Word of God through preaching. Preaching is foremost of all that we do.

You can expect to find a church that still holds the faith once delivered to the saints.

You can expect to find a Sunday School class that teaches the Bible for every member of your family.

You can expect to find a church family that prays for each others needs and bears the burdens of other believers in Christ.

You can expect to find a place where you can to serve Jesus Christ in the ministry of this local church.

You can expect to find a church that is obedient in the work God has given it to do both in our community and around the world.

You can expect a church that still believes in winning souls to Christ through personal testimony and witness.

Why not Visit with us this Sunday?